The Only Thing the Cartel Fears:
Exposing them to the Public Eye

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You may say these interests are so powerful that it is impossible to halt them or make them change their path. Wrong.

When you read through this website and the linked sources of information, you will immediately recognize the two weaknesses of this goliath:

  1. The fraudulent nature of its multi-trillion dollar investment business
  2. Its bloody history throughout the 20 th century

Telford Taylor, the US Chief Prosecutor at the Nuremberg War Crimes Tribunal against the directors of the oil and drug Cartel IG Farben predicted that if the corporate culprits behind WWII are not brought to the daylight, they will do more harm in future generations then the Nazis ever could.

This time has come now.

In this situation the knowledge of history becomes the most powerful strategic tool to overcome any obstacle, as insurmountable as it may appear.

The stakeholders of the cartel – who no doubt will read this website too – will need to understand that if they proceed with their unscrupulous plan for a global coup and a “global economic government” this information will spread like a bush fire. With every step they take to impede the movement of change, the cartel is moved two steps closer to its own demise.