The Goals of the Coup

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Using the economic crisis as a target – the biggest problem in America today and the most difficult one for the Obama administration to solve – the coup of the status quo has the following goals:

  1. Define the International Monetary Fund (IMF) as the key instrument to economically control world affairs.

    The IMF was a result of WWII. It was created in 1944 to supervise the post-WWII economic and financial reconstruction of the world. The economic powers would contribute to the IMF money pool which, in turn, would provide the base for struggling countries to find financial support. This, at least, was the idealistic proclamation of the IMF goals made at its inception.

    Reality, however, was different. Over the past six decades, the IMF has been used to support the economic status quo of the G8-powers and maintain the economic imbalance between rich and poor nations. Particularly appalling has been the consistent and deliberate use of the IMF funds to support military dictatorships and other governments around the world, who supported the interests of multinational companies and the economic dominance of the oil and drug cartel. A list of these IMF-sponsored dictatorships and additional information about the IMF is provided here.

  2. Decrease the IMF voting power of the US to deny the new administration the opportunity to “change the world.”

    For the past sixty years, US governments have largely served the main economic legs of the status quo, the multi-trillion dollar investment business with oil and drugs. With its IMF voting power of roughly 17%, the US government has had by far the largest influence on world economic affairs.

    Decreasing the voting power of the US in the IMF would economically cripple the Obama-government from "changing the world." Moreover, this plan would guarantee the continued influence of the oil and drug cartel on the IMF and cement the rift between rich and poor nations on our planet for generations to come. This must not happen.

  3. Establish the European Union (EU) as the cartel’s political IMF spearhead and nuclear France as its military enforcer.

    Preparing for the possibility that it would lose its most powerful stronghold, the US White House, in the 2008 election, the oil and drug cartel positioned its stakeholders at the helm of other leading oil and drug exporting nations. Examples are Angela Merkel, the current Chancellor of Germany and Nicolas Sarkozy, the current President of France. With France being a nuclear power, the interest of the oil and drug cartel in controlling the leader of that country was particularly profound, since he would be able to reinforce the global interests of the status quo not only with political pressure, but also with military, even nuclear threats.

    Not surprisingly, Merkel and Sarkozy have been instrumental in coercing the countries of Europe into a construct, called the “Brussels EU,” with the goal to expand their markets and to increase their global political and military weight. The Brussels EU is not a democratic body but an artificial construct designed and controlled by the cartel through an appointed “EU Commission.” The so called EU Parliament – portrayed as the guarantor of democracy - has neither real legislative nor executive powers and merely serves as a fig leaf covering the quasi-dictatorial nature of this construct. Worse, in 26 countries of Europe , the people have been denied the fundamental right of a democratic referendum on the questionable document trying to subject them to the rule of the cartel’s “EU Commission.” For the Movement of Change, this would be like George Bush proclaiming there would be no more elections and that the government of the United States would be appointed by special interests.

    With the planned coup, the cartel aims to decrease the political and economic influence of the Obama administration in the world and establish precisely that “Brussels EU” as the cartel’s new political stronghold. Moreover, this EU-construct should replace the US as the leading country in the IMF, thereby preventing this powerful international financial institution from being available to the Obama administration as an economic instrument for changing the world.

    Towards this end, France ’s Sarkozy has already proclaimed his ultimate goal: a global economic government. In other words, he wants to extend the dictatorial construct of the EU to henceforth rule the entire world on behalf of the cartel.

  4. Use the new IMF power to arbitrarily prolong the economic crisis in the US .

    Since Barack Obama defined as a priority of his presidency the replacement of dependency on oil – the most important economic base of the cartel – with renewable energies, the cartel will do everything to prevent that. Their most promising strategy to derail the Obama government is to aggravate the current economic crisis by all means available. One of those means is to create an new international economic order through the IMF, with the goal to control – and ultimately subject – the US economy. Once this new global instrument of economic control is in place it will, no doubt, be used against the Obama administration – and the American people.

  5. Implement a “scorched earth” strategy to punish voters, derail the new government and deter other nations.

    The victory of Barack Obama and the Movement of Change is a beacon of hope for the entire planet. Frank Rich wrote in the New York Times: “We were at last emerging from an abusive relationship with our country’s 21 st-century leaders. The festive scenes of liberation that Dick Cheney had once imagined for Iraq were finally taking place – in cities all over America .” And we may add, in cities all over the world.

    The perspective of the cartel is, of course, quite different. It needs to make sure that this flame of hope is turned against the American people, resulting in a strategy of “scorched earth,” i.e. the complete economic breakdown of the US economy. If they could accomplish this goal, they would not only punish more than 60 million Americans who dared to terminate the “abusive relationship” with the political stakeholders of the cartel but also deter the peoples of the world from daring to do the same.

    From the standpoint of the status quo this goal is an immediate and absolute necessity. The underestimation of that threat would be a grave strategic error and an irreparable mistake by the Movement of Change.

Obviously, neither Bush nor Sarkozy will publicly admit their desperation. To the contrary, they are masters of disguise and are masking their plans behind three basic arguments:

  1. The economic crisis is so pressing that decisions for a new global order have to be taken “within 100 days” – i.e., before the Obama government takes office.
  2. The USA is to blame as the “arsonist” of the current global economic “wildfire” creating a pretext for punishing the USA – and its 300 million citizens.
  3. They, i.e., Sarkozy, Bush and the other instigators of this coup, are the advocates of the more than 150 developing and threshold nations. Turning reality upside down, they are justifying this coup as a step towards a safer and more just world.